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2023-10-01 13:08

NOTE:  This article and pictures were derived from the official 35th Anniversary history.

The main objectives for establishing Mongkolratanaram of Florida as a center of Buddhist teaching:
1.  Teaching Thai Buddhism meditation
2. As a center to show Thai culture and Thai customs
3. A school to teach Thai language and to teach Thai Buddhism on Sundays
4. As a center to help Thais to communicate and improve relationships with government offices in the United States and other nations
5. As a center to help spreading Buddhist.

The Celebration

Picture of Monks



Hall 1a

Hall 2a


Picture of Monks 2

 Dock 1

Dock 2

Pictures from the early years

1a History

Trees Resized

History 3

History 4

Original Temple 1


The Main Temple (Ubosoth)

The Main Temple (Ubosoth) was built in 2005.  It was dedicated to His Majesty the King of Thailand to commemorate His Majesty’s 80th Birthday.  Thais and Americans have joined together to build this Main Temple in honor of His Majesty the King.  The Main Building is modeled in the architectural style of Thai Modern Ayutthaya architecture.  The width is 32 feet, 89 feet in length, and 35 feet in height.  The front tympanum (gable) of the building (facing North) has an emblem of Her Majesty and the back tympanum (gable) has the emblem of Her Majesty the Queen.

New Temple1

  New Temple 2

 The Sunday Market

The Sunday Market was offically started in 1993.  Sunday Market was operated by both This and American volunteers.  You can get Thai food, Thai fruits & vegtables, at a reasonable price. The proceeds are donated to the Templeto use in spreading the Thai Buddhist teachings and meditation.

Sunday Market 1

 Traditional Event Calendar

The Temple celebrates a number of Thai cultural and Buddhist holidays.  The major celebrations which are listed on the home page of this web site and are open to the public.

Celebrations 1

 Buddhasilpa School

The Buddhasilpa School was established in 1984.  The scholl is held over the summer break and is taught by teachers sent from Thailand by various universities.  The curriculum includes Thai language, Thai culture, and Thai traditions.


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