Gathas are short verses that remind us of the essential aspects of Buddhism. In some cases the Gathas may be used to mean a verse from the sutras (Buddhist scriptures). Think of them as short poems that encourage mindfulness. The Gathas in this article are taken from the "Buddhist Questions and Answers" pamphlet published by Wat Mongkolratanaram, Tampa, FL and are included without modification.

As he instructs others, He should himself act.
Himself fully controlled, He should not control others
Difficult indeed is to control oneself.


Health is the highest gain,
Contentment is the greatest wealth,
Trustful are the best kinsmen,
Nibbana is the highest bliss


Hard is it to be born as a man,
Hard is the life of immortals.
Hard is it to hear the Truth Sublime
Hard as well is the Buddha's rise.


Of him who is energetic, mindful,
Pure in deed, considerate, self-restrained,
Who lives the Dharma and who is heedful,
Reputation steadily increase.


He who always lies goes to hell
And he who denies what he has done.
These two, the men of base action,
Share the same destiny in the world to come.