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Hymn to the Dhamma (Thai book p.20)

(Handa mayang dhammabhigiting karoma se)

Svakkhatatadigunayogavasena seyyo
Pra Thamm bpen sing tii prasert praw pragaup duai kun kue kwaam tii pra
puu mii Pra Phaakjao trat wai dii leeo bpen ton
(The most excellent Dhamma, composed of virtue, has been well expounded by the Blessed One.)

Yo maggapakapariyattivimokkhabhedo
Bpen Thamm an jamnaek bpen makk pon pariyat lae nippaan
(It can be divided into path and fruition, practice and liberation)

Dhammo kulokapatana tadadharidhari
Bpen Thamm song wai sueng puu song Thamm jaak gaan tok bpai soo
lok tii chua
(and it keeps those who uphold it from falling into worlds of delusion and evil.)

Vandamahang tamaharang varadhammametang
Khaapajao wai Pra Thamm an prasert nan an bpen krueang khajat sia
sueng kwaam muet
(I bow my head to this excellent natural truth which removes all darkness.)

Dhammo yo sabbapaninang saranang khemamuttamang
Pra Thamm dai bpen saaranaa an gasem soong sut koong sat tang laai
(The Dhamma which is the supreme secure refuge for all beings)

Dutiyanussatitthanang vandami tang sirenahang
Khaapajao wai Pra Thamm nan an bpen tii tang haeng kwaam raluek ong
tii song duai seean glaow
(as the second object of recollection I venerate this Dhamma with bowed head.)

Dhammassahasmi daso *(dasi) va dhammo me samikissaro
Khaapajao bpen taat koong Pra Thamm pra Thamm bpen naai mii issara
nueah khaapajao
(I am indeed the Dhamma’s servant, the Dhamma is my master and guide.)

Dhammo dukkhassa ghata ca vidhata ca hitassa me
Pra Thamm bpen krueang gamjat tukk lae song wai sueng prayot gae
(The Dhamma is the destroyer of dukkha and bestower of blessings upon me.)

Dhammassahang niyyademi sariranjivitancidang
Khaapajao maup gaai thawaai chiwit nii dae Pra Thamm
(To that natural truth I dedicate this body and life.)

Vandan tohang *(tihang) carissami dhammasseva sudhammatang
Khaapajao puu wai yuu jak prapert taam sueng kwaam bpen Thamm dii
koong Pra Thamm
(In devotion I will walk the Dhamma’s excellent way)

Natthi me saranang anyang dhammo me saranang varang
Saaranaa uen koong khaapajao mai mii Pra Thamm bpen saaranaa an prasert
koong khaapajao
(because for me there is no other refuge the Dhamma is my most excellent refuge.)

Etena saccavajjena vaddheyyang satthu sasane
Duai gaan glaow kam sat nii khaapajao pueng jaroen nai pra saasanaa koong
pra saasadaa
(By the utterance of this truth may I develop in the master’s way.)

Dhammang me vanda-manena *(manaya) yang punyang pasutang idha
Khaapajao puu wai yuu sueng Pra Thamm dai khuan khwaai bun dai
nai bat nii
(By my devotion to the natural truth and through the merits thus obtained,)

Sabbepi antaraya me mahesung tassa tejasa
Antaraai tang puang yaa dai mii gae khaapajao duai det haeng bun nan
(may all dangers and obstacles be overcome through their power.)

(chant while bowing)

Kayena vacaya va cetasa va
Duai gaai gaw dii duai waajaa gaw dii duai jai gaw dii
(Whether by body speech or mind,)

Dhamme kukammang pakatang maya yang
Gamm naa titiian an dai tii khaapajao gratam leeo nai Pra Thamm
(whatever wrong actions I have committed towards the Dhamma,)

Dhammo patigganhatu accayantang
Khaw Pra Thamm jong ngot sueng tort luang gern an nan
(may the natural truth accept my acknowledgement of faults)

Kalantare sangvaritung va Dhamme
Puea gaan samruam rawang nai Pra Thamm nai gaan taw bpai
(for the sake of later restraint towards the Dhamma.)

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