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Dogs are welcome at the Sunday Market but please don't bring them onto the deck where the food is served.

The Sunday Market is held every Sunday, come rain or shine, from about 8:30am until 1:00 pm. Some booths may run out of food earlier. Come join us for great food & view in a family friendly setting!

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Ratanattaya Vandana

Salutation to the Triple Gem (Thai book p.15)

Yo so Bhagava arahang sammasambuddho
Pra puu mii Pra Phaakjao pra ong dai bpen arahang tab ploeng kilet ploeng
tukk sin choerng trassaruu chaub dai doi pra ong eng
(To the Blessed One free from defilements, perfectly self-enlightened,)

Svakkhato yena Bhagavata dhammo
Pra Thamm bpen Thamm un pra puu mii Pra Phaakjao pra ong dai trat
wai dii leeo
(to the teachings which he expounded so well,)

Supatipanno yassa Bhagavato savakasangho
Pra Song sawok koong pra puu mii Pra Phaakjao pra ong dai patibat dii leeo
(and to the Blessed One’s disciples who have practiced well,)

Tammayang Bhagavantang sadhammang sasanghang
Khaapajao tanglai khaw pujaa yaang ying sueng pra puu mii Pra Phaakjao
pra ong nan praum tang Pra Thamm lae Pra Song
(to this Buddha, this Dhamma and this Sangha we render with offerings our rightful homage;)

Imehi sakkarehi yatharahang aropitehi abhipujayama
Duai krueang sakara tanglai lao nee tii yok kuen leeo tam somkuan leeo

Sadhu no bhante bhagava suciraparinibbuto pi
Kha dae pra ong puu charoen pra puu mii Pra Phaakjao mae parinipaan naan
leeo songsan kun un samret prayot wai gae khaapajao tanglai
(it is well for us, Blessed One, that having attained liberation,)

Song mii pra haruu dai anukroo gae puak khaapajao an bpen chon lunlang
(who still had compassion for later generations. Deign to accept these simple offerings)

Ime sakkare duggatapannakarabhute patigganhatu
Khaw pra puu mii Pra Phaakjao jong rab krueang sakara an bpen banakarn
koong kon yak tanglai lao nii

Amhakang digharattang hitaya sukhaya
Puea prayot lae kwaam sukk gae puak khaapajao tanglaai tralod
galanaan toern
(for our long lasting benefit and for the happiness it gives us.)

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