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Dogs are welcome at the Sunday Market but please don't bring them onto the deck where the food is served.

The Sunday Market is held every Sunday, come rain or shine, from about 8:30am until 1:00 pm. Some booths may run out of food earlier. Come join us for great food & view in a family friendly setting!

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5th direction: As an employer, one should support one’s servants and employees, who are likened to the “lower direction,” as follows:

1. One assigns them work in accordance with their strength, sex, age and abilities.

2. One pays them wages commensurate with their work and adequate for their livelihood.

3. One grants them fringe benefits by, for example, providing medical care in times of sickness.

4. One shares with them a portion of any extra gain.

5. One gives them appropriate holidays and time to rest.


A servant or employee helps his employer by:

1. Starting work before him.

2. Stopping work after him.

3. Taking only what is given by his employer.

4. Doing his job well and seeking ways to improve on it.

5. Spreading a good reputation about his employer and his business.

Buddhist Discipline - Law 3, Sixth Direction


4th direction: As a friend, one should conduct oneself towards one’s friends, who are likened to the “left direction,” as follows:

1. One shares with them.

2. One speaks kindly to them.

3. One helps them.

4. One is constant through their ups and downs.

5. One is faithful and sincere.


Friends reciprocate by:

1. Protecting their friend when he is off guard.

2. Protecting their friend’s property when he is off guard.

3. Being a refuge in times of danger.

4. Not deserting their friend in times of hardship.

5. Respecting their friend’s family and relatives.

Buddhist Discipline - Law 3, Fifth direction


3rd direction: As a husband, one should honor and support one’s wife,

who is likened to the “rearward direction,” as follows:

1. One honors her in accordance with her status as wife.

2. One does not look down on her.

3. One does not commit adultery.

4. One gives her control of household concerns.

5. One gives her occasional gifts of ornaments and clothing.

A wife supports her husband by:

1. Keeping the household tidy.

2. Helping the relatives and friends of both sides.

3. Not committing adultery.

4. Safeguarding any wealth that has been acquired.

5. Being diligent in all her work

Buddhist Discipline - Law 3, Fourth Direction


2nd direction: As a student, one should show reverence to one’s teacher,who is likened to the “right direction,” as follows:

1.One rises to greet the teacher and shows respect to him.

2.One approaches the teacher to attend him, serve him, consult him, query him, receive advice from him, etc.

3.One hearkens well so as to cultivate wisdom.

4.One serves the teacher and runs errands for him.

5.One learns the subject respectfully and earnestly, giving the task of learning its due importance.

A teacher supports his students by:

1.Teaching and training them to be good.

2.Guiding them to thorough understanding.

3.Teaching the subject in full.

4.Encouraging the students and praising their merits and abilities.

5.Providing a protection for all directions; that is, teaching and training them so that they can actually use their learning to make a living and know how to conduct themselves well, having a guarantee for smoothly leading a good life and attaining happiness and prosperity.

Buddhist Discipline - Law 3, Third Direction

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